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37 Tor 2nd XV Vs Minehead Barbarians II 5

3rd September 2016 @ 3:00 pm

Tor 2nd XV arrived at Minhead Saturday to be greeted by some wet and windy conditions. As the team departed the mini bus the excitement and eagerness was evident in the eyes of the players. As the whistle for the start of the game blew, this over eagerness cost Tor dearly, as 2 consecutive penalties for lack of disciple at the breakdown, allowed Minehead a line out on Tor’s 5 meter line. A good catch and drive allowed Minehead to cross just 5 minutes into the game.

Tor kicked off and soon found that they were far superior than their opponents in all aspects. After some good forwards play the ball found its way to the Tor backline, which some good hands from Roland Hall and Casey Pitman, allowed Jack Burge the space to score in the corner.

Minehead kicked back off and soon found themselves back in their half due to some good play from the Tor forwards. Just outside of the Minehead 22 Tom Ansell found Burge, in the centre of the pitch, and with a dummy pass found the Minehead defense part like the red sea, with just the full back to beat Burge scored his second under the posts.

Minehead couldn’t find an answer to Tor’s dominance and were soon again pinned on their own try line, a charged down clearance kick allowed John Mullins to get Tor’s third try. With the first half drawing to a close more good hands from the backs allowed Burge space to complete a first half hat trick.The first half finished with Tor 22-5 up.

The second half was much of the same, with periods of good defense, from the likes of the evergreen James White and Roland Hall, and strong forwards play, with Louie Burge and Steve Bradley the pick of the ball carrying forwards.

Once again some good all round play from Tor allowed some room on the blind side for Louie Burge and Steve Bradley to show off their quick hands to put the on-fire Jack Burge in the corner for his fourth.

Minehead battled on despite seeing no real joy in penetrating the Tor defense. Pinned in their own 22 a clearance kick found Tor’s winger Jamie Brown, his strong run pierced a whole in the Minehead defense and allowed him to score.

Tor weren’t done yet, some good play, once again, found Tor 5 meters out from Minehead’s try line, and substitute Mike Forscutt forced his way over. The final scoring a resounding 37-5.

Tor Scorers


  • Jack Burge (4)
  • John Mullins
  • Jamie Brown
  • Mike Forscutt

Man of the Match

Jack Burge